How to Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse

How to Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse

by Courtney Sturniolo

The original idea for Modern Hygiene came as a solution to how dirty our phones are. And then I fell down the rabbit hole… what isn’t filthy?! Fortunately, Susan set me straight by reminding me that I had been living amid the diaspora of germs my entire life, and I made it to 40 (so far). As she reminded me, even viruses and bacteria play an important role in our lives and our world, and there’s no reason to panic. However, Susan and I agreed there is more each of us should do and electronic hygiene was a good place to start.  

I can’t count how many times a day I touch my mouse or keyboard. Almost non-stop, from 6:30am-5pm, daily. I drink my morning coffee at my computer. I eat my lunch here too – often taking bites in between typing and thinking. I even use it during my YouTube workouts, which comes with a little sweat. If I’m cooking dinner and hear the siren sound of a new message, I go check what Susan had to say. Sure, I wash my hands a lot, but almost every time, I come right back here to my computer. My hands are only as clean as my mouse and keyboard. So what to do?

Hygiene for Mouses

UVC sanitizer wands and boxes are a great option for electronics, like mouses, that cannot be washed with soap and water. First, wipe away all dirt and grime with a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. Then, put it on a clean dry surface and blast it with the UVC sanitizing wand for at least 10 seconds on all four sides. Don’t hold the mouse while you use the wand! Alternatively, drop the wiped down mouse in the UVC sanitizer box and turn it on for a 5- or 10-minute cycle.

Hygiene for Keyboards

Hygienic keyboard cover for laptops hp, lenovo, dell, microsoft, macbookKeyboards can be complicated to clean, so I think it’s easier to not let it get dirty. I protect my keyboard against spills, dust, cat fur, and other dirt with our washable keyboard protectors. It stops my lunch from falling between the keys and minimizes wear and tear from everyday use. The best part is how easy it is to clean! I just pick it up, take it to the kitchen sink, and wash it with soap and water for 30 seconds. Once it is completely dry, I lay it back down over my keyboard. This couldn’t be easier!


I recommend cleaning your mouse and keyboard once a week and every time someone outside your household uses it. (But don’t let me stop you from being extra!) While you’re at it, wipe down the rest of your computer with that soft cloth and hit the touchpoints with the UVC sanitizer wand. Your computer and your hands will thank you.