Technology has evolved. Hygiene hasn’t.
We’re overdue for an update.

Today’s palm-sized smartphones pack so much computing power we almost forget they can be used to make a call. Smartphone users average three hours per day on the device, longer than the average amount of television. Many even use it to watch television! Others take it to the bathroom with them.

The average adult spends more than two hours per day in front of a computer. Many spend an entire business day at our computers. We touch food, the office bathroom door, the water cooler… and then we come back to our desk and touch our keyboard.

We spend sometimes 12 hours per day touching two objects that most people never clean. Most people never think to. While a select few are aware of the filth, convenient and effective cleaning solutions are not the mainstream. We’re here to fix that.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, handwashing is at the forefront. And we couldn’t be bigger fans! Quite frankly, we’re a little shocked it wasn’t already more popular… Yet all the washing in the world won’t matter if we keep re-contaminating our hands by touching dirty objects that have become integral to our daily life. It’s time to install an update.

At Modern Hygiene Solutions, we’re searching high and low for tools to improve the hygiene of your home, devices, vehicle, office, and even travel. Our low-investment, high-tech solutions will save time and help you protect what matters most – your health and your family – from the dirt and diseases you can’t see. Our state-of-the-art technologies will help you Redefine Clean.