Susan Gomez

When the world ran out of latex gloves, Susan didn’t. She always has plenty at home and uses them to, among other things, cook dinner every night, even just for herself. This sort of fastidiousness belies the creative soul of a fashion designer.

Courtney Sturniolo

Courtney tells people she’s a germophobe, but that’s not precisely true. She just thinks about contact transfer of microorganisms more than most people. (Okay, a lot more.) She’s been trapped in a public bathroom more than once because they didn’t have paper towels to open the door, and don’t get her started on the horror that is hot air hand dryers.

A company was born

After more than a decade as best friends, Susan and Courtney founded Modern Hygiene Solutions, combining their professional experience to share their passion for cleanliness with the world.

Courtney, left, and Susan, right