Guest Spa Slippers

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Guest Spa Slippers
10 Pairs of Disposable Slippers for House Guests

In many cultures, it is traditional to take off your shoes at the door and change into indoor slippers – at homes, schools, and some public places as well. While public places may not be realistic in most cultures, this is a practice that we can all benefit from for a cleaner, more hygienic home.

Of course, asking your guests to walk around barefoot could be perceived as impolite, uncomfortable, or simply chilly. Our spa slippers ensure a comfortable experience for your guests while preserving the cleanliness of your home and minimizing the dirt, dust, animal droppings, viruses, and bacteria that collect on the soles of our shoes.

Our guest spa slippers are a plush and comfy cotton with an open-toed design and no-slip bottom suitable for all flooring styles. Each of 10 pairs of guest slippers are folded in individual, matching bags. While these should be considered disposable slippers, they will survive a wash or two on the gentle cycle, much like hotel slippers.

Guest spa slippers come 10 pairs per order. Each spa slipper measures 10-1/4” x 4” (26.5cm x 10cm) and fit approximately up to a men’s size 10 and a women’s size 11. They are available in pink, green, blue, yellow, grey, and white. The upper portions of the slipper that come into contact with feet are cotton fabric.


Expect to receive your guest spa slippers in about four weeks. For more information about shipping visit our shipping information page here.

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