Hygienic Lens Wipes, Phone Wipes, and Screen Wipes



Hygienic Lens Wipes, Phone Wipes, and Screen Wipes

Our Hygienic Lens Wipes, Phone Wipes, and Screen Wipes are safe for use on for performance lenses and screens, including eyeglasses and touch screens with an oleophobic coating.

  • Eyeglass cleaner lens wipes
  • Sunglass cleaner lens wipes
  • Phone wipes
  • Computer monitor wipes
  • Touch-screen wipes
  • TV cleaning wipes
  • Surgical, dental, and hygiene loupe cleaning wipes
  • Camera lens wipes

With a safe, low-alcohol content of 30%, our Hygienic Lens Wipes, Phone Wipes, and Screen Wipes are not disinfecting wipes. They do an excellent job cleaning glass on technology that would otherwise be damaged by harsh chemicals used in disinfecting wipes. For full disinfection, we recommend following the wipes with our UV-C disinfection box or wand.

PDI See Clear® Lens Cleaning Wipes come with 120 individually wrapped cleaning packets per box.

What does “oleophobic coating” mean?

Your cell phone screen, iPad or tablet touch screen, and some eyeglasses have an “oleophobic coating,” which can be destroyed by harsh chemicals. Oleophobic means that it repels oils, and manufacturers add this coating to prevent oils from attaching to the glass screen or lens. This minimizes finger marks, smudges, and scratches, for a clearer view. If you degrade the oleophobic coating with ammonia, bleach, or high concentrations of alcohol, you’ll certainly notice more fingerprints. It may lead to more scratches and permanent damage to the glass.

Do not use harsh chemicals – like commercial disinfecting wipes – on your cell phone.

Cleaning wipes with less than 50% alcohol are deemed safe for your oleophobic coating. Our low-alcohol cleaning wipes are intended specifically for performance lenses and screens. With only 30% alcohol, these make suitable alcohol wipes for mobile phones and laptop screens, including touch screens, tablets, and iPads.

PDI See Clear® Eyeglass Cleaner Lens Wipes

Engineered for medical environments, PDI See Clear® Lens Cleaning Wipes are among the very best lens wipes. These anti-fog eyeglass cleaner wipes are also fast drying, non-scratching, anti-static, and anti-streaking.


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