No Touch Door & Elevator Opener

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No Touch Door & Elevator Opener Tool

Modern Hygiene Solutions is thrilled to present a cost-effective tool for safely opening doors and pressing elevator buttons – without ever touching them! Surfaces on the tool that come into contact with buttons and handles fold internally so that contaminated surfaces do not touch the inside of your purse, pocket, or vehicle.

The small and easy-to-carry No Touch Door & Elevator Opener folds up to 4.5” x 1.2” 1” (115mm x 25mm x 30mm) and weighs only 1.2 oz (35g). 

Why is Touchless Important?

Public door handles are hotspots for germs. In one study, it was shown that a single contaminated door handle had the potential to infect half of an office in mere hours.
The level of bacteria on elevator buttons was measured as much as 40 times higher than on public toilet seats! In a busy building, an elevator button can be touched by dozens of people every hour, making even frequent sanitation relatively ineffective.

Bacteria and viruses can live up to 72 hours on stainless steel handles, push plates and buttons. Touching contaminated handles and buttons can lead to contact transmission of bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, and viruses, including the novel coronavirus. Our No Touch Door & Elevator Opener ensures that you don’t touch a contaminated surface and then accidentally touch your face.


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