Touchless Trash Can

Color: Black
Ships From: United States


Touchless Trash Can
16L / 4G Automatic Garbage Can

A typical trash can has 400 bacteria per square inch. Of course, it is advisable to wash your hands after taking the garbage out, but who has time to wash their hands every single time they put something in the garbage can? Touchless operation is the way to go.

Simply activate the sensors of our automatic garbage can to open the lid quickly, quietly, and without getting your hands dirty! A combination of infrared and vibration sensors provide three options for opening the lid:

  • Wave a hand or knee within 12’ (30cm) of the omnidirectional infrared sensor
  • Tap the can with your foot
  • Press the open/close button

The lid automatically closes after 4 seconds.

Automatic garbage can specifications

Size: 26.5 * 20.8 * 33 CM
Capacity: 4 gallons (16 liters)
Material: ABS, PP polypropylene, and electronic components
Colors: Khaki, White, Black, Grey
Power: 2x AA batteries

The automatic garbage can runs on 2x AA batteries; batteries not included.

After inserting batteries, press the “POWER/CLOSE” button for 5 full seconds to turn it on and activate touchless functionality.


Please expect to receive your touchless trash can in about 2 weeks.

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